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Swingin’ on the Monicagate

2011 September 1
by Jackie Slevin

Any astrologer worth his or her salt has done the synastry and composite charts for Bill and Monica and interpreted ad infinitum, but here’s yet another look at this nation’s most infamous couple at the end of the current millennium.

The pre-natal eclipse can serve as an indicator of the collective unconscious that your soul chose to incarnate through, with your mother as the vehicle through which you pass through the veil between the worlds. The moment of your birth, otherwise known as your Ascendant, is your own personal window on the world; the Ascendant is you, the pre-natal eclipse is the group collective or, to put it in a more catchy phrase, “the horse you rode in on.”  The sign of your prenatal solar eclipse describes the more positive qualities you have to give to others.  The sign of your lunar eclipse tells what qualities you didn’t get or use the last time around, so you must find a way for your soul to learn its lesson this time.  If either eclipse is in conjunction or other hard aspect to a planet or angle, then the planet or angle can serve as a signpost to working out our K word, better known as our karma.

For example, if your pre-natal solar eclipse is in Taurus, your soul came down this time with an eye for quality, a love of creature comforts and strong instincts in business.  You could have the Midas touch in financial acquisitions without being greedy, ensuring that others gain from your ventures.  If your pre-natal lunar eclipse is in Gemini, you never developed your communication skills, never traveled far from your local environment and may have had a penchant for gossip and slander.  You may have also been a frequent visitor to the seamy side of life, hobnobbing with pickpockets, con artists and forgers.

The houses these eclipses fall in your chart show where these energies will be played out.  Someone born with a pre-natal lunar eclipse in Leo in the second house came here this time flaunting their gaudy jewelry in everyone’s face and must spend a fortune on themselves in order to feel worthwhile.  A pre-natal solar eclipse in Cancer in the sixth house means you can cook like a chef, or even be one.  Or a first-rate pediatrician. You get the idea.

And now to our dynamic duo.  Bill Clinton’s data is August 19, 1946, 8:51 AM CST. Hope, AK. 33N40, 93W35. (Source: birth certificate. Reference: Lois Rodden). His pre-natal solar eclipse is 6 degrees of Cancer, exactly conjunct his Midheaven.  Thus he was born to be the boss and share his nurturing qualities with the world at large.  The Cancer/Capricorn axis rules government and,  as goes the family, so goes the nation.   His pre-natal lunar eclipse is 23 Sagittarius in his third house.  Bill  touched down this time with ambiguous religious convictions and he might have had the inclination to preach right and wrong to his neighbors. Sagittarius rules ethics, and the third house rules rumors and lies.  I’ll say no more on this particular interpretation.  I don’t need to.  Pick up the newspaper or turn on your radio or television and observe what everyone else is saying about it.

Monica Lewinsky was born on July 23, 1973, 12:21 PM  PDT in San Francisco, CA. 37N46 122W25. (Source: birth certificate.  Reference: Lois Rodden).  Her pre-natal solar eclipse is is 8 degrees of Cancer conjunct her South Node in her 9th house of  lawsuits, ethics and the media.  Monica came here to wrap up unfinished business (South Node) by telling the truth concerning government (Cancer/Capricorn axis) in a court of  law and have the whole world know about it.   Take note that this conjunction matches Clinton’s pre-natal solar eclipse within two degrees, and is thus conjunct his Midheaven!!!!  Is this past life pay back or what??????  If this conjunction between charts is not enough to convince you that a divine plan is at work between these two, let’s put the icing on the cake with Monica’s pre-natal lunar eclipse.  That’s right, you guessed it! Monica’s pre-natal lunar eclipse is 24 degrees Sagittarius, conjunct Clinton’s pre-natal lunar eclipse!!!  Matching pre-natal eclipses between two star-crossed wooers, two peas in a pod.  It’s also in her third house of communication and we’re back in the land of rumors again. Wasn’t it a taped conversation that got the word out?  Perhaps Monica functioned as a Town Crier the last time around and lacked discretion in divulging delicate points of information to certain individuals.  Karma rides again.

The ramifications of the “relationship” between these center stage characters remains to be seen. It’s just mind-boggling to observe how it all falls together in the jigsaw puzzle between Bill and Monica, just another microscopic view of how the heavens work on earth.

Copyright 1998 by Jackie Slevin, M.A., C.A. NCGR All Rights Reserved.

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